The Creative Pack Gives Ferrante A Vintage Look

Following a brand redesign in 2016, Specialty Cellars reached out to The Creative Pack to design two new wine varietals for Ferrante wine, Chianti Riserva and Sangiovese Toscana. The wine labels resemble vintage postcards and sketches, featuring a subtle Tuscan vineyard illustration. By receding the image into the background, it appears gently aged, reminding the viewer of a nostalgic, old photograph.


On the back label, there is a portrait of Ferrante, who paved the way to America for his family. This portraiture visually tells the Ferrante story and adds distinctive character to the brand. For a touch of luxury, gold foil and embossing methods are introduced for a balance of shine and tactile texture on a smooth paper label. Additionally, the wine capsule and the color band on the front label indicate differentiation amongst the wine varieties.