Unimac’s Champagne Package Shines With Positivity

After a continued year of unknowns and hardships due to the pandemic, Command Companies and Unimac set out to create an inspired holiday message to “lift their clients spirits.” Addressing this challenge, Bonavita Design developed the design and concept for a custom holiday champagne package titled “Rising Up, Lifting Spirits.” Celebrating the moment both literally and metaphorically, this piece emulates this supportive message. The Command Company logo is strategically placed on the horizon line, “rising up.”


With this piece, Unimac’s skilled print and production capabilities are showcased. Printed on holographic paper, an opaque white gradation was applied as a base to not only create contrast, but to also enhance the detail in the photograph by Alison Shaw. Fine finishing techniques such as embossing, die cutting and gloss and matte UV were also utilized.

Bonavita Design and Unimac worked in tandem to create an uplifting piece to usher in a new year that shines with positivity.