Velo Coffee Roasters Brews Up New Package

Widgets & Stone, the Chattanooga TN-based brand design agency, collaborated with Velo Coffee Roasters for a new package design that visually emphasizes information about the coffee itself right upfront. 


Spencer Perez of Velo Coffee Roasters explains that sharing the coffee information was a high priority for the company and for Widgets & Stone designer Travis Hitchcock. Perez told Sprudge, a coffee industry website, that: “The roast date is front and center. Above all else — the producer, our company logo, our copy — we put primary visual emphasis on the lot name. The process and nation of origin come next. The three tasting notes are lowercase so they’re subservient to the other elements in size, but not necessarily in impact. We try to pick one descriptor for first impression, one for mid-range flavor, and one for overall impression. We think those four elements help most people into a coffee they’ll enjoy. Packages get so beat up being handled off of and back onto the shelves. The box helps with that, too. On the back, we’ve got the growing region, elevation, and producer, respectively, for people who want to get a little more into terroir and provenance.”


Red, white and blue labels are intended to convey the small roaster’s increasingly complex flavor profiles. The package is described as “vaguely nostalgic, warm, efficient, Tennessean.”