Wallace Church Wraps Red Vines In Classic Americana

Wallace Church & Co. has redesigned Red Vines, the red licorice candy ubiquitous at movie theaters. The New York-based design firm found its solution in Classic Americana and a hint of nostalgia: a twilight field of blue with intricate line work, including vines, leaves and stars. The border treatments create a framework for communications while acting as a springboard for the logotype, which  incorporates the physical attributes associated with a licorice vine and brings movement into the wordmark.


Other design elements include a consistent branding (no more Cherry Vines or Grape Vines) and the use of a flavor descriptor to denote the different taste; health benefits and the “Live on the Sweet Side” marketing tagline woven directly into the trade-dress; and a clear window to allow consumers to see the product. The firm states: “We were honored to recently have the opportunity to give Red Vines, an iconic American candy brand, a fresh new look. As a staple for movie theatre experiences and candy-lovers for nearly 100 years, we gave the design a twist with a wink of nostalgia.”