Wild Turkey Turns To Realistic Illustration For New Labels

Wild Turkey has a new look for its premium bourbon and rye whiskey range. The packaging, displaying a detailed turkey illustration, is said to better reflects the core values of the historic brand. “While sticking with our traditional recipe and authentic values, we are excited to present new global packaging for Wild Turkey,” says Melanie Batchelor, global vice president for spirits at Gruppo Campari. Although labels for each expression of Wild Turkey differ, they  share some common aspects to create uniformity across the range — including, of course, the true-to-life illustration of the turkey found on every label drawn by professional wildlife artist Julie Rhodes. Working closely with the National Wild Turkey Federation, Rhodes took great care to make her work as realistic as possible. The result, says Batchelor, is a depiction of the regal bird that is a perfect icon for the brand.  During 2016, Wild Turkey will evolve the packaging for the remaining products in the range including Kentucky Spirit and Rare Breed.