Wine That Matters, For Every Occasion

Viña San Pedro was founded in 1865 in the Curicó Valley by the Correa brothers. The brothers were pioneers in bringing different wine varieties from the Old Continent to the Valley. Today, San Pedro is one of seven wineries that make up the VSPT Wine Group. It is one of the most prestigious vineyards and significant exporter in Chile. You can find San Pedro wines in more than 80 markets across five continents.

San Pedro and the VSPT Group set themselves apart over time by combining their passion for making excellent wines with modern innovation, creativity, and sustainability practices. Today, they are poised to relaunch the GatoNegro brand, one of their oldest, most iconic, and well-known global presences.

When it came time to rebrand GatoNegro’s image for the modern era, the company understood the importance of retaining current, loyal customers while attracting new audiences to the wine category.

Exceptional Quality Deserves Extraordinary Design

Rafael Salinger, Brand Owner for San Pedro at VSPT Wine Group, says, “We wanted new packaging to communicate our brand personality in a more eye-catching and dynamic way. We aim to differentiate each of our varieties according to their tasting notes and color characteristics to achieve a more sensorial look that garners more attention on shelves.”

Continues Salinger, “The design selected for the image change was an internal task, through the Design Team. Our team is a group of talented designers who have been familiar with the brand for a long time and knew exactly what we were looking for with this re-vamp. The work took a long time, with collaboration from the whole team to provide ideas, knowledge, and talent.”


Sensational, Sustainable Packaging

The design team then searched for a paper type to represent all their wine attributes. They wanted a label complementary to the new, more cheerful design, achieved through colors, creativity, and resources. During the creative process, they defined resources they would need for a winning product, considering all inputs and possible limitations during the production process. They knew the label had to stand out aesthetically, perform efficiently, and fit into VSPT Wine Group’s sustainability strategy.

“We are a company committed to sustainability, and we look for suppliers who share the same passion. In this light, Neenah stands out as one of these suppliers. Its papers have the FSC Certification, reassuring us when using them. Our relationship with Neenah goes a long way back. We have had an excellent experience because of the product quality and fantastic technical support. Working with these papers is always one of our options, independent of the project or brand.” says Salinger.


Salinger continues, “Because of this, we ultimately chose Neenahs Estate Label #24. The label’s opacity, color, and texture enable us to enhance and bring out the best of the new label design. The technical capacities the paper offers work well within our production and sustainability guidelines. We have worked with Neenah for many years. We were sure we could trust this paper to meet all the requirements to deliver a product of outstanding quality for consumers.”


Consumer Confidence Confirmation

Global market research confirmed consumer support for the rebrand’s new look and feel. Consumers selected and vouched for the most attractive design, commenting that it had a more sensorial look that reflects its excellent flavor.

Salinger continues, “Once the market research results came in, we were sure that this was the right path to follow. Without a doubt, the icon and logo are more legible, allowing for improved differentiation on shelves. The new image is currently arriving at the markets, and the analysis we have to date shows an excellent perception from Importers, Retailers, and Consumers. We are thrilled with the result and can’t wait for customers, new and old, to experience the rebrand of GatoNegro.”