Rachel Zorel

PICTURED ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: Becky Williamson, Deanna Rosa, Rachel Zorel, Jacquelyn Kirby, Caitlin Kachmar PHOTOGRAPH: LEE SEIDENBERG PHOTOGRAPHY


Rachel is a creative visionary, empathetic leader and the founder of 7 Layer Studio. Her relentless optimism and fearless drive propelled the studio from a one-woman operation to the multidisciplinary agency that it is today. With nearly two decades of experience under her belt, she is a champion of fearless creativity that is grounded in strategy and excellence. 7 Layer Studio is one of a minority percentage of female-founded agencies, and Rachel uses that unique perspective to push boundaries and lead with heart.

7 Layer Studio specializes in brand strategy and design, with a focus on big picture thinking and tenacious process. The agency partners with ambitious brands of all sizes, from early stage startups wanting to make a big impact to legacy brands looking to evolve. Layering business vision with strategic branding, the creative team builds projects for scale, with thoughtful attention to opportunity and relationships. Every project is fueled by the power of design, the strength of strategy and a desire to be exceptional.


Looking forward to 2023, are you optimistic about the role and impact of Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Business? Culture? Causes? Have the events and disruptions of the past few years changed the role or trajectory of Graphic Design?

Design is a catalyst for emotion. Whether provoking action or inspiring the next generation, our responsibility as designers is always to do our best to infuse culture with authenticity and invention. The last several years have given us a chance to take inventory of the aspects within our day to day that give us fulfillment. I’ve loved seeing the growing push of our industry to support and protect the mental health of our creatives, rather than glorifying burnout. As someone who has built an agency while raising a family, I’ve been advocating for that balance in the industry for a long time.

Most influential graphic designer(s) or art directors(s) of the past 60 years? Of today?

Paula Scher

Most influential graphic design firm(s), ad agency(s), or inhouse department(s) of the past 60 years? Of today?

Massimo Vignelli

Favorite or most influential logo or branding project of the past 60 years?

I Heart NY by Milton Glaser

Favorite design project or campaign in any medium for the past 60 years? Package, poster, website, ad, publication or motion design, etc.?

The Public Theater by Paula Scher

Most influential design products, services or technology of the past 60 years?

The computer