Select Comments: Print and The Client

The stronger and longer my relationship with the client, the more likely they are to accept my judgement and recommendation that print should be part of their communications.

Most clients know they need print. They want to be able to hand out something to their potential customers.

Clients accept my recommendation to include print as long as it’s part of a more integrated mix of tactics.

Clients resist print any chance they get; they fear the price and the time it might take.

Clients usually agree to my print recommendations, but paper samples go a long way to convincing some.

I am an inhouse designer, and print is still a primary outlet for our marketing department and with the support of our management.

Sometimes clients agree that a good mix is necessary to reach the end user. The online romance is clouded by the massive volume of pitches.

Depends on the piece and budget. For a sales tool or leave behind, our team definitely prefers print to electronic. Do my clients resist or accept print? It depends on a budget.

Clients are happy to have the choice.

I find clients usually prefer print. They believe that it adds credibility to their messages.

Most clients want print together with digital. I don’t have any who only need digital.

So many clients want to do digital only because of things they have been told. They have no idea what they are buying or why, just that they can get very specific numbers. It is a challenge to get them to hear that print needs to be in the mix.

Clients seem more concerned with Facebook presence than print work.

My clients are generally old fashioned. They trust print and would quicker approve a 5k flier project than a Facebook ad.

We’ve won several major awards and that helps persuade clients to accept our recommendations to include print.

It depends on the client and their type of business. What does the business do, how do they want to be portrayed and what is the company’s image? What are they known for? I have seen all of these situations.