Select Comments: Print and Trust

Print is more trusted. I think the fact that someone paid for something to be printed adds a degree of credibility to the message, offer, business.

Communication that you can hold in your hand gets more attention and feels more real than commercial email.

In this era of fake everything, there is an inherent reality to committing your branding message to something you can hold on to for longer than a few seconds.

Print has a certain level of commitment.

This depends on the artists being surveys. Different artists on different career paths will have different opinions based on their experiences.

There is a credibility gap for one primary reason: consumers know that today almost anyone can create a professional looking web presence without a large investment. However, when you’re talking print, readers know or can sense that if something has been well designed and printed on high end papers, that means the company must be solid.

With a deliberately targeted pertinent message, print and digital communications can carry the same weight of legitimacy and trustworthiness. Using both well is the key for saturation and cohesion.

My clients would agree that print is more trusted — and more memorable as well!

Electronic spam has become the lowest common denominator of advertising. People see anything above those pixelated scam artists as great quality.

Depends on the piece and the context. When a campaign is cohesive across all channels, the addition of print strengthens credibility. But in many instances, printed pieces are thrown away. So it really depends.

Printed communications are more trusted, credible and secure.

Everything is good in moderation. There is also such a thing as junk mail. Some print advertising projects don’t work because millennial generation moves often and change their addresses, spend more time online, and are concerned about the environment.

In this digital climate, most online communications are iffy. The internet has certainly become a sad space.

Absolutely agree. Print is more credible than online material. Hands on and easier on the eyes.

I can see the trust factor in this day and age, but there’s still a segment of the population that gets the majority of their information through the internet, too.

Nothing beats the tactile qualities of a printed piece for giving you a comfortable feeling.

I think print is viewed as more trusted but some online places are becoming more trusted, too.

Good print takes more time, thus more devotion, so I think there is more trust in a well-done printed piece.

I don’t think print pieces are necessarily more trustworthy. I think it depends on the design and method of delivery for the web piece.

I believe digital has just as much credibility as print now. Both mediums tell truth and lies.

The older consumer likes a printed piece better then having to go online/phone or tablet.

We did a rather beautiful 348-page art book about fly fishing that I printed in the UK. We’re just now beginning another book … or two?

Print still has a place in our work, however more clients are concerned about cost and less concerned about touch, feel, special processes.