Takeaway #4: Bright Spots in the Darkness

Are there bright spots in this dark time? Out of the crucible can emerge a truer sense of self, a purity of purpose, and a clearer sense of priorities. Many readers report a greater appreciation of family and friends; the desire for a healthier and less stressful work-life balance; a revived passion for creativity and for their chosen profession; an increased understanding of the value of collaboration and community; a commitment to work with socially responsible clients and projects; an aspiration to do better and be better.


The brightest spot for me is getting to spend more time with family. Overall, there’s an appreciation for the ability to be more flexible when and where to work. Professionally, people seem to be more efficient. We’re able to get answers more quickly, spend less time in meetings, cut to the chase quickly. Also, we have some natural introverts that have really excelled while working from home!

The bright spot is definitely the kick in the butt to start my own business. I have been much more inspired by that and feel more calm and happy. My priorities have shifted to pursuing my own business.

Clients are being remarkably understanding and flexible. We are seeing and seeking innovative ways to offer our skills to help the business community. I personally value work-life balance even more. My long term goal is to reduce my work hours so that I have more time to rest, and appreciate family and friends.

Personally, it’s been great to be home with my family more and to spend extra time with my two year old. It has put work-home life into perspective and i’m hoping it stays that way. Family first, always.

I have a better and fuller appreciation of what I have in my life.

My employer sent food delivery credits and Amazon credits to all employees to purchase needed supplies to work from home. Seeing how my company has stepped up during this time makes me proud.

There have been quite a few bright spots, I have taken the time to learn new programs and expand and update my skills and abilities as a designer. I think these decisions have refueled my passion for design. I also got a new puppy :)

Yes! I have spent much of my time reviewing award books and programs, and finding inspiration in great creative works, both old and new. I am even in the midst of possibly developing a course on the Fundamentals of Creativity, something I feel needs to be revived and taught academically.

This experience made me realize that I am very fortunate to be doing what I do and also that I can fine tune my time management skills. It has made me a more present parent and I will strive for that balance moving forward.

We have seen a lot of success in our brand and connecting with consumers based on our quick reaction and connection with the audience. Being supportive and community-building has had a positive impact on our audience and increased our reach. Work life balance is more difficult now than before. It’s harder to walk away from the ‘office’ and not just log in for a second to handle something. There is less of a line. It’s also hard when your job is supporting and communicating important information. You feel an obligation to the job that sometimes overpowers the balance.

I find I am just as busy personally and professionally as ever. I’d like to have more personal time in the future, but that’s not going to happen unless I make it.

During this crisis, I have had more personal discussions with co-workers, and have had deeper insight into thier personal lives. This has linked us together and made us stronger. Each morning, we have group video huddles so everyone is on the same page as to what each person is working on and the priorities for the day. There is also usually a fun question of the day at each of the huddles. We have also had a couple virtual Friday Happy Hours.

Hmm… having my husband at home on a full-time basis has been wonderful AND challenging. I have noticed that our team is taking more time to check in with each other since we’ve been sheltering in place, to talk more about our current personal challenges.

I had a baby in January, and started a new job on March 16, the day the quarantine began. I have found that working from home with an infant is unbelievably challenging. It is also an enormous blessing to be able to share in all her milestones. We think she is going to start rolling over on her own this week. And we couldn’t be more excited to be there to see it.

I’m really happy to be able to work from home full-time. It removes a lot of stress from my day.