3D Photo Wallpaper: Making The Right Choice

At the end of the last century, photo wallpapers were super trendy. The trend has changed a lot over the years, but modern options of wallpapers with a 3D pattern will impress even the most exacting consumer.

Features of 3D Wallpaper

Unlike conventional wallpaper, 3D photo wallpaper looks three-dimensional. For example, if it is an image of a road, it looks like a real path. Leaves on the trees are placed at different distances. Some objects may appear protuberant, and the image may seem to enter the premise space from a wall.

This unrivaled effect is actually a brilliant play of light, achieved by applying special light-reflecting particles on the paper. That’s why the choice of lighting devices for a room with 3D photo wallpaper is of great importance as well. Such wallpaper can serve as an extraordinary decoration of a ceiling or, for example, a wardrobe.

Kinds of 3D Wallpapers

There are three kinds of photo wallpapers – standard, single, and panoramic.

  1. An obvious benefit of the first option is that you don’t have to select a pattern.
  2. Single wallpaper perfectly combines with the other finishing materials, as it is a fragmented image.
  3. As for wallpaper of panoramic type, it can be pasted not only on one wall but all around the premise, creating the effect of being in the place depicted on it.

3D fototapete are also divided into three types by their production technology:

  • fluorescent
  • stereoscopic
  • LED

Fluorescent photo wallpaper looks ordinary in the daytime and begins to emit neon light with the onset of darkness. Stereoscopic images offer the greatest three-dimensional effect. LED image is formed by numerous LED bulbs.

Tips for Choosing

Paper-based wallpaper is considered the eco-friendliest, so it fits bedrooms best. The non-woven and vinyl-based options are easy to wash, resistant to moisture and mechanical impacts, so they are more than suitable for kitchens.

However, when choosing the pattern, you should rely on your personal preferences in the first place. Choose a wallpaper that makes you feel happy no matter what it depicts.