Best Apps For Graphic Designers To Increase Productivity

Graphic designers must be skillful and creative with their projects and time management. They must have sociabl skills and patience to demonstrate their talent. If a graphic designer is working with a team, he is responsible for tracking the performance of each team member. A free phone tracker can help a graphic designer to evaluate the productivity of his team members.

Along with this tracker, a graphic designer can get the advantage of several software and tools to make miracles. Here are some tested and tried apps that are necessary for each graphic designer.

Assembly (Fix Vector Designs)

If you want to create the best vector designs, feel free to use this app. Assembly helps you to fix vector designs quickly. Remember, vector designs are incredibly famous nowadays. Several designers use vectors in their creations.

Assembly comes with an inspiring gallery of over 180 basic shapes. Any designer can select a shape and customize it to create an impeccable and unique design. Feel free to combine it with texts or photos. If you want to perfect effect in your vectors, you will need assembly.

Mextures (Best for Effects and Filters)

Mextures allow you to access pro-looking filters. After paying $1.99, you can unlock over 150 beautiful textures. You can overlay these textures to create mesmerizing effects and designs. This app will become a blessing for designers to save time and increase their creativity.

Vintage illustrations can make your work easy. With grain edit, you can create a beautiful logo for companies. Old designs allow you to save your time and efforts. Customization options allow designers to transform current designs into a unique layout. You must have the right skills to create inspiring designs.

TMetric (Track Time on Graphic Design Projects)

Time tracking will not be a problem with this app. You can use this digital time tracker to work in a quiet atmosphere. It may make billable calculations easily to save your time. Feel free to install it on your mobile or as a browser extension. In this way, the designer will not lose any time even in communication for project-related problems.

Clients will get a comprehensive report on the use of time. They can understand the consumption of time in a project. Moreover, you can build trustworthy relations with your customers.

TMetric assimilates with design apps, such as Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. It allows designers to track every designing work. It is good to support a work management system, such as Jira, RedMine, and Asana. TMetric can collect necessary data without affecting your workplace.

Todoist (Good for Task Management)

If you need a task manager, you can use Todoist app. It comes with great options for editing entries and arranging your schedule. Todoist can prioritize your tasks. This app can mark your tasks with “Karma Upgrade” With an attractive interface; it can be an excellent option to evaluate your productivity. You can update and share your essential tasks instantly.

1Password (Secure Your Passwords)

Do you need the best password keeper? 1Password is a reliable choice for you. Feel free to create strong passwords for your online services and secure this data in this app. It allows you to share passwords with the people of your choice. To save your time and energy, the account can be activated immediately.

Remember, these apps are necessary for each designer. A badly-equipped and distracted designer can be an unproductive person. If you want to increase your productivity, it is required to skip distractions. You have to maintain your tasks for better presentation. Feel free to choose any of these apps as per your convenience.