Communicating Beauty To A Visually Sophisticated Audience

This new website for the HanStone Quartz line of premium Chinese quartz surfaces is intended to build awareness and preference for the brand in a market with many unbranded competitors. Created by advertising agency The Republik of Raleigh NC, the site seeks to communicate HanStone Quartz’ beauty; to make it easy for architects and interior designers to see the different colors and patterns and to order samples; and to do so within a site that is attractive to a visually sophisticated audience.


The brand’s only previous online presence was a microsite within the parent Hanwha L & C Surfaces site. Enhancements over the previous microsite include: clean layout, with click-and-expand, full page navigation; simplified ordering and sample fullfilment; integrated social; and a mobile-friendly platform.


On the back end, the new site is meant to allow for quick and easy addition of new patterns and colors, as they are introduced. The site is built on a Shopify platform.