Decker Models Law Firm Website on Innovation-Driven Industries

Decker Design has created a website for Boies Schiller Flexner, one of the largest and oldest firms in the U.S.  The redesign had three guiding principles: modernize the digital brand experience with a new look and feel; put the user in control; and offer a reader a curated experience only possible in the digital space. Since the firm’s strategic brand positioning centers on the firm’s often groundbreaking work — from marriage equality to opening markets in space — the Decker team decided to model the look and feel against innovation-driven industries such as technology and venture capital. Such sites telegraph clear, concise messages with simple navigation and enhance the user experience by removing unnecessary features and information.


Thus the site is fully responsive, presents information quickly and easily and, since most visitors to law firm sites enter through search engines, often seeking partner’s biographies, this area was given special attention. Content has been restructured, rewritten and shortened to enhance the mobile experience. The visual approach has been modernized with tabbed hierarchies, and file drawers for related information. Attorneys previously were photographed in triptychs, at their desks. The new approach is clearer and simpler, with the photos appropriate not only for the desktop and mobile site, but also for media use. Practice area descriptions were also rewritten, and the news section was reorganized with new sort and search features along with multiple ways to get related content, letting the reader control the flow of information on their pages. Rubenstein Technology Group was the development partner.