Mohawk’s Renewal Portfolio Groundbreaking

Looking Back To Look Forward

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Mohawk Fine Papers unveiled a portfolio of papers made with Hemp, Straw, and Recycled Cotton Fiber. Mohawk’s engineers report that they have devised a process that allows the mill to create the high-performance sheets using rapidly renewable resources. The fibers Mohawk has chosen for the line are all annual crops, which regenerate in a year or less. Always an industry leader in responsible paper making and energy use, Mohawk was among the first paper companies to experiment with post-consumer fibers in the 1990’s. Mohawk Renewal grew from a desire to redefine the contours of fiber sourcing by rediscovering legacy materials – in essence, looking to the paper making methods of the past to chart a more sustainable future for the industry. “In developing this portfolio, we have embraced new technology, new supply chains, and new uses for raw materials,” said Melissa Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer at Mohawk. All Mohawk Renewal papers are compatible with both digital and offset presses, and are also available in A2 and A7 envelopes.