Joshua Williams


Joshua Williams is a designer, artist, and student from Beaumont, Texas. He is focused on creating visually compelling objects, images, and experiences by experimenting with new techniques, which aim to elicit emotion & create new opportunities for dialogue. His interests include design, music, and both film/digital photography. Joshua is a graduate student at Texas State University, earning his M.F.A. in Communication Design.

What makes you feel inspired?

I get inspired by the little things I come across in my everyday life that are often overlooked.

What area or areas of design are you hoping to work in or specialize in?

Design Activism. I want to use my talent for good.

What is one thing that design school has taught you that you did not expect?

Design school has taught me the importance of challenging ideas.

Who is someone you look up to in your field? Either today or historically?

I really love Sean Brown’s work. He is a multi-disciplinary creative who has many creative outlets — photography, design, fashion, and even interior design.

What are you reading, listening to, watching?

Currently, I’m listening to Chamakay by Blood Orange — on repeat.