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  • Sentimental Junk Album Design by John Kallio Graphic Design
    Design Firm: John Kallio Graphic Design   Client: Tom Guerra  Title: Sentimental Junk Album Design  Creative Director: Tom Guerra  Designer: John Kallio
  • MamaAfricaAlbumArt by Little Lady Studio
    Design Firm: Little Lady Studio   Client: Voice of Masai  Title: MamaAfricaAlbumArt  Designer: Jessey Jansen  Paper/Substrate: ASTROBRIGHTS®  Papers by Neenah, learn more at
  • Poetica CD Design by Spit + Image
    Design Firm: Spit + Image   Client: Poetica/Mpress Records  Title: Poetica CD Design  Creative Directors: Christopher Kornmann, Rachel Sage  Art Directors: Christopher Kornmann, Rachel Sage  Designer: Christopher Kornmann  Photography: Tom Moore, Mark Anton Smith  Printer/Producer: A to Z Media