59th Annual GDUSA Print Design Survey

By Gordon Kaye


A Push Back Against Digital Fatigue

In 2022, sentiment about the future of print is considerably more positive than in recent years and recent polls. You can see it in some key numbers and feel it in the hundreds of comments we received.

Whether this is a result of generally rising spirits as the pandemic ebbs or a new appreciation for human connection in a remote world or basic nostalgia for a simpler past, it is hard to say. Even harder to say is whether sentiment converts into print quantity and quality or design and sales.

Nonetheless, for a print lover (like me), the promise is intriguing.

  1. Message from Billerud North America
  2. Ten Observations
  3. The Numbers
  4. Comments: Importance of Print
  5. Comments: Appreciation of Print
  6. Comments: Print/Digital Effectiveness
  7. Comments: Print/Digital Sustainability