GDUSA’s 58th Annual Print Design Survey

By Gordon Kaye


Designers Debate The State Of Post-Pandemic Print

No area of business or society has remained unchanged by the events of the past 18 months. And, of course, that is true for practitioners of graphic design and, in particular, print design which — even before the pandemic — had been evolving from the mainstay of graphic arts into a more niche and complementary role. The central question that our 58th annual print and paper reader poll seeks to address is whether the pandemic has altered or accelerated trends in media already underway, and more directly, where does print design fit once we fully emerge.

Humility should govern in what is a very fluid situation. In truth, the most accurate responses to our survey are: “it’s too early to tell” and “it depends.” Nevertheless, the statistical results — combined with a plethora of free-form comments published below — do provide a sense of the debate, the divide and the trajectory.

  1. Message from Verso Corporation
  2. Twelve Observations
  3. The Numbers
  4. Comments: The Importance of Print
  5. Comments: Post-Pandemic Design
  6. Comments: Economic Recovery