GDUSA’s 61st Print Design Survey Sponsored by Billerud

Print & Paper Create Intimacy & Connection


Joyful, soulful, intimate, tangible, real, permanent, credible, surprising. Just a few of the words used by respondents to describe the positive experience of designing and.or receiving printed communications in 2024. In this 61st year of polling the creative community — and watching the fascinating and evolving role that print and paper play in the service of graphic communications — we find both a profound respect for the continuing vitality of print as well deep thoughts about how and where print fits in a digital era.

Reduced to its essence, the poll finds that print remains crucial in how professional graphic designers earn a living — fully 96% work in print as part of their mix and 62% of projects have a print component. And it reaffirms that print and paper remain relevant because they have classic strengths and inherent qualities that can forge a human connection and an intimacy often missing from modern life. The message: print has authenticity and impact because it feels real and present. As you will see — please read the comments — the creative community is more confident in its take on print than we have seen in recent times. And this positivity is rooted in a realistic view of print’s current role and potential, rather than arising from some soft nostalgia for a bygone era.


About The Sponsor Billerud


Billerud provides paper and packaging materials that challenge conventional printing and packaging for a sustainable future. We are a world leading company in high-performing paper and packaging materials made from virgin fiber; passionately committed to sustainability, quality, and customer value. The company has nine production units in Sweden, USA, and Finland with around 6,100 employees in over 13 countries and customers in over 100 countries. Billerud is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

In the United States, Billerud operates out of a regional head office in Miamisburg OH, two mills in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and a converting facility in Wisconsin. We are a leading supplier of high-quality graphic and label papers, packaging materials, and market pulp. At Billerud, we build brands and business results for our customers.


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