P-O-P + Displays

  • 3M Wall of Innovators by 3M Design
    Design Firm: 3M Design, St. Paul MN   Client: 3M Carlton Society  Title: 3M Wall of Innovators  Creative Director: Christine Jones  Art Director: Peter de Sibour  Designer: Joe Kral  Project Manager: Maren Burow  Interior Designer: Megan Kennedy  Copywriter: Evelyn Padilla  Photographer: Howard Berg, Tom Strand
  • Repair Pro Display by GAF Creative Design Services
    Design Firm: GAF Creative Design Services, Parsippany NJ   Client: GAF  Title: Repair Pro Display  Creative Director: Carlos Caicedo  Designer: Carolina Monza  Icon Illustrations: David Shin  Senior Manager Creative Design: Natalie Cruz  Senior Program Specialist: Donald Jackson  Packaging Design Program Specialist: Shanna DiSimone  3D Renderings: Carolina Monza  Retoucher: Richard Toonkel
  • World of Disney QT 3.0 Machine Wrap by The Hillman Group/Visual Marketing
    Design Firm: The Hillman Group/Visual Marketing, Tempe AZ   Title: World of Disney QT 3.0 Machine Wrap  Designers: Kim Bridgford, Kris Samel  Director, Visual Marketing: Jim Smith
  • RSA Conference Booth 2022 by Lookout, Inc.
    Design Firm: Lookout, Inc., Alameda CA   Title: RSA Conference Booth 2022  Creative Director: Muhamed Causevic  Corporate Events Manager: Kelley Lansing  Senior Director, Product Marketing: Akhilesh Dhawan  Principal Strategist: Tyler Croak  Event Marketing Partners: Nationwide Displays
  • Membership Table Top Banner by National Community Pharmacists Association
    Design Firm: National Community Pharmacists Association, Alexandria VA   Client: NCPA Membership Department  Title: Membership Table Top Banner  Creative Director: Michael Abernethy  Designer: Tyler Poirier
  • MTN DEW INDY 500 Display by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
    Design Firm: PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York NY   Client: PepsiCo  Title: MTN DEW INDY 500 Display  Designer: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
  • ‘You Belong Here’ Table Tops by Tarrant County College District/Graphic Services
    Design Firm: Tarrant County College District/Graphic Services, Fort Worth TX   Client: TCC Human Resources Department  Title: ‘You Belong Here’ Table Tops  Creative Director: Arturo Martinez  Art Director: Arturo Martinez  Designer: Arturo Martinez