Hagerty Creative Team

Hagerty Creative Team Radius Welcome Experience

Client: The Hagerty Group LLC  Title: Radius Welcome Experience  Creative Director: Tarra Warnes  Designer: Jesus Roldan  Copywriter: Jacob Bauer  Photographer: Kayla Keenan  Print and Production: Holland Litho Printing Services  Paper/Label: Outer Tear Sleeve - CLASSIC®  Techweave Papers, Epic Black Cover  Buffer Tray and Insert - NEENAH®  Folding Board  Thank You Card - CLASSIC Techweave Papers, Solar White Cover  Bi-Folder - NEENAH®  Folding Board  Sleeve - NEENAH®  Folding Board  Radius Scent Cards for Tear Strip Box - NEENAH®  Blotter Papers, learn more at neenahpaper.com