Select Comments: How and Where is Print an Especially Effective Solution?

Packaging still requires print and people love stickers as ephemera. It is irrelevant for editorial, news, invitations, bills.

I think depending on the communications goals of each client/brand either print or digital come to play. Nowadays print also has the job of being more sustainably conscious … Print can be exceptionally effective for audiences who don’t gravitate towards digital, have difficulty with digital technology, or for whom digital connectivity is an issue. I have observed many elders who look forward to opening their traditional, printed mail as a daily activity. Others of various ages and backgrounds enjoying a book or magazine while leaving digital devices behind. Those with religious observances that include a powering down of digital devices on the Sabbath and certain holidays.

Fashion continues to utilize print as well — think of tags and labeling. Even brand logos that are printed directly on the fabric — this is still print!

Printing/branding on transportation vehicles like airplanes, buses, trains, and such is important. While not paper, this is still print.

There are lots of examples where print remains an effective solution, but one thing that comes to mind is a printed note card. It takes on a new level of significance in the face of overloaded email in-boxes.

We suspected that at employee recruitment events involving younger people and recent graduates that digital would rule, but we see people of all age groups just have personal preferences for print versus digital.

Especially in an era where RGB color on smooth screens and mobile video is so pervasive and distracting, the immediate credibility of well-designed print provides a great way to stand forward. Especially when adding even more credibility with the authenticity of embossing or debossing. And combining foil leafing and varnishes.

Print is relevant for Manufacturing and Engineering. Buyers of art and photography and kids’ books. In person meetings. Long content (such as books). Packaging. Events. Healthcare and energy related. Restaurant and retail clients for Menus, POPs, and tents. Invitations. Greeting cards and POS.

Non profits, government, and small businesses use print more in my experience.

Long term things like catalogs are a must for print, but print will no longer work for shorter term things that need the reach and immediacy of digital.

As an institution of higher education, we generally mail to market to students and well as their parents. Parents find it a great tool when choosing colleges and keeping information straight.

I imagine that client selling products are the most relevant. Packaging and branding help make buying decisions. Special promotions are also more effective when they arrive by mail. And then there’s event marketing. For special events, printed campaigns work well for driving greater attendance.

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