Web Designers Turn To Interactive Tours

As a web designer, you are looking for new ways to add value for your clients and prospects. And to help their websites — and ultimately their businesses — stand out from the crowd. To that end, Google has introduced Google Business View, a state-of-the-art interactive virtual tour that enables consumers to experience all sorts of facilities and explore panoramic views by coming in and “walking around” your restaurant, retail shop, club, event space and catering halls, rental properties, gyms, yoga, Pilates and fitness centers, medical offices, and other facilities. The virtual tour is visible on Google Search results, Google Maps and Google+, with a “See Inside” feature which significantly raises site SEO. It is a powerful traffic driver, and it is easily embedded into any website for which you are responsible.


To make the service accessible and affordable, Google has trained and certified a small and select group of photographic specialists — Google Trusted Photographers — who have the knowledge and equipment to take the high-quality images, turn them into the dramatic 360-degree panoramic tours, and to post the tours so that their power is maximized for Google search. A leading Google Trusted Photographer available for assignments and projects in New York City, Long Island and the Tri-State area is Virtual 360 NY. Known for its attention to detail, Virtual 360 NY has the experience and training to take high quality photos of businesses, to use Google’s proprietary technology to post interactive tours and still photographs and link them to Google searches, to work seamlessly with web designers, and to do so with no disruption to the ongoing business.


Jeff Rosenberg, an experienced photographer who founded Virtual 360 NY says that, for web designers, hiring a Google Trusted Photographer enhances the web design project in practical ways that all clients will appreciate. Explains Rosenberg “When potential customers search for the business by name, they will see the images displayed directly on the search results page to give customers a better sense of layout, decor, the appeal of the interior. That is great for business and for traffic. 75% of people now search on Google. In addition, the 360-degree panoramic interactive tour can be embedded right into the website and shared with current customers and visitors.”

You can tour several sample sites — representing restaurants, real estate, professional services, retail, golf club, hotels, among others — now.