5 Tips to Make Remote Working Work for You

According to a recent survey by TCG, one-third of advertising and marketing executives said the percentage of creative staff working remotely is higher than three years ago. If you telecommute, consider these five productivity tips:

1.  Start strong.
Get ready for the day as if you were heading to the office (i.e., shower, get dressed, eat breakfast). This will help you transition from personal to professional.

2.  Force yourself to be disciplined.
Stay on track by creating a prioritized daily to-do list, establishing interim goals for big projects and then holding yourself accountable for meeting each self-imposed deadline.

3.  Keep in close contact.
Be accessible during core business hours and provide regular status updates to your boss and colleagues. Make a point of being in the office when group activities are scheduled, if possible.

4.  Mitigate misunderstandings.
Avoid problems by taking sensitive or complicated conversations offline. It’s better to pick up the phone or save the discussion for an in-person meeting if the subject matter can wait.

5.  Stick closely to a set schedule.
By starting and stopping around the same time each day, you’ll keep your job from bleeding into what’s supposed to be your downtime.

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