Saif Salah Mahdi


Saif is the principal creative director and branding specialist at Saif Salah Designz. He works with individuals and companies. helping them develop their brands to get more exposure at a lower cost, working with your existing resources or helping you identify new resources.

His passion for design manifests in a close working relationship with his clients to realize their ultimate vision at the highest quality, through extensive research.

Tell us how and why you became involved in socially responsible communications, any thoughts on why design can be an especially effective tool for this goal, and, if you wish, give us an example of a project of which you are proud.

I’m always looking to partner with non-profits. As a volunteer, I’ve done many projects that help brand non-profit organizations. But the one I am most proud of is Veterans Without Orders, a community of military veterans assisting populations without clean water and other essential services.

Given the confluence of events and challenges our society now faces, does this moment in time present any special opportunities, urgencies, obstacles to designing for good?

There are always opportunities for people who look for them. Competition is just an opportunity to give all that you have of your experience and creativity to assist your client. Challenges are opportunities to develop our skills and to figure out how to stand out among our peers.