Off Jog

This is perhaps one of the most intriguing trends of the year, easily spotted once pointed out but elusive in definition. Imagine any band or ribbon that alters and resumes course. It is that point of alteration that is of interest, not what happens before or after. That occurrence along the path could be a shifting up in gears, or an adoption of a new process, or entering a new generation. It may be a transition of space, materials, ownership or product, but regardless the path once altered continues forward true to course. Following left to right the Bancontact logo reads as a ribbon twisting a half turn exposing it’s golden side and proceeding forward with new elevation. Eisbach uses a nearly identical alteration, but the trio of bands reflect the point break in the water for surfing. What unites all of these marks in the jog creates a tenuous junction between before and after that barely allows a bridging of the gap. A bit like glorifying the moment. There is no doubt it occurred but scant evidence remains. From a designer’s perspective this creates a narrative of continuity married to a moment of significant change. There was a hiccup, good or bad, but we’re on course, just like we planned.


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