Perspective has everything to do with everything. Possibly the difference between a dot and a dash is really the angle from which it’s being viewed. Staring down the barrel of a rod from just off center gives us a shaft that diminishes width, and rounds off at either end. Start to splay these in an orderly array and you have the makings of this trend set. Give the center a minor twist and the same logo evokes the rotation of a gradually winding vortex. It’s easy to make the jump to this set being a derivative of the auras and halos so often employed over the last few years. These are more about the shafts themselves than about providing a nimbus to circumscribe a central feature. The rounding of the ends on these keep them friendly and approachable and truly is their distinguishing element. From this display you’ll note that the effect is equally impressive using a single tone or when gradients are used to define shape and distance. These marks nearly always project from a vacuous center torched clean by a burst of light and convey a sense of expansion, hope, and outreach. It’s all about the management of the action and less about what caused it.


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