A Little Book Of Big Ideas About Small Details

In a new tiny hardbound promotional book, titled “The Little Book of Big Ideas,” supply chain specialist company FHI (Freight Handlers, Inc.) unloads 41 pithy general business ideas drawn from the company’s own practices. None are directly related to freight distribution, nor is FHI even mentioned, except for its logo, which appears on the cover and on the intro page only. The promotion was created by advertising agency The Republik of Durham NC.


The little book is a compendium of business common sense, with thoughts such as “business is the art of knowing … what makes your customers tick,” and “You remember getting popped in the nose … Mistakes are progress.” At 3.75” wide x 6” tall, the 120-page book is smaller than most pocket paperbacks. Its size is a pnemonic for FHI’s competitive point of difference, which is its attention to small details. Whimsical photo illustrations (a section on sweaty palms shows a handshake with a fish) are printed in 2 colors (black and process yellow). The book is smith-sewn and canvas-wrapped.



Creative credits go to The Republik creative director, Robert Shaw West; strategic director Dwayne Frye; art directors Luke Rayson and Matt Shapiro; and copywriter Neil Hinson. Lithography is by Quality Bindery Services, Buffalo NY.