BooneOakley Bakes in Headlines

In a social and poster campaign for artisanal bakery Dukes Bread in Charlotte NC, advertising agency BooneOakley literally baked their headlines in to the tops of Dukes’ loaves, using a paper stencil to apply a dusting of flour that, as it baked, was supposed to turn into a light-colored background behind dark crust letters.



The campaign, entitled “Baked In,” centers on a pure, organic concept for the pure, organic bread. Alas, as it turned out, the actual baked-in headlines were not sharply enough defined for the poster-sized finals. So the decision was made to simply photoretouch the headlined loaves with the help of Minneapolis post-production shop Hac Job. BooneOakley CD David Oakley explains, “In this case, production value beats conceptual purity.”