AIGA Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships Support Underrepresented and Economically Disadvantaged Students.

AIGA has announced that applications are now being accepted for the 2022/2023 academic year for the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships program. This scholarship program increases diversity in the creative professions by removing financial barriers and providing equitable opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Scholarships are awarded annually to students with positive social agendas who are studying photography, illustration, and design disciplines in colleges and universities in the United States. The goal is to assist these students who have positive social agendas to achieve their educational goals and give back to their communities through their work. Since its inception in 1995, $1.3 million dollars has been awarded to more than 800 college students of art and design. 


Apply for an AIGA Worldstudio Scholarship here. The call for applications is now open and the deadline is April 13.


Scholarships are awarded in amounts of $2,500–$3,000. One or two top awards may be given in an amount up to $5,000 at the jury’s discretion. Honorable mention prizes in the amount of $500 cash may also be awarded. Each scholarship is paid directly to the recipient’s school and applied toward tuition. A one-year AIGA membership is also awarded to recipients. 

“The AIGA Worldstudio Scholarship will allow me to enter my senior year without the worry of paying my tuition out of pocket. I can solely focus on completing my senior thesis, rather than juggling work, my studies, and the most important project of my college career,” said Jonai Gibson-Selix, 2021–2022 AIGA Worldstudio Scholarship Recipient.

“Direct support through scholarships is a tangible and often critical entry point in the professional journey of aspiring designers,” said Bennie F. Johnson, AIGA’s Executive Director. “AIGA’s mission is truly about positive change. We believe all students should have the opportunity to pursue a design education. I know that working together, we can transform our community by supporting the dreams of future designers.”