Burns Design Group Crafts Touched By Teal Logo

Burns Design Group (BDG), a team of hands-on veterans focused on strategic brand development for what’s next, has designed the logo for the Barbara T. Ferraro Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research (Barbara T. Foundation). The Barbara T. Foundation leverages 100% of its time and resources toward accelerating Ovarian Cancer’s prevention, detection and cure. “Our partnership with BDG led to this logo mark that immediately differentiates us in a crowded space rife with many laudable non-profits seeking mindshare, friends and donors,” said Jay D. Ferraro, Co-Founder, Husband and Board Member. “We launched in 2023, and thanks to our integral partnership with BDG and all of our corporate partners who have worked on a pro-bono basis, we have been able to raise significant funds and visibility for Ovarian cancer within our footprint of Pennsylvania and the Northeastern United States.”

The Foundation has raised more than $100,000 in its first months of operation. Its first $50,000 was distributed to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, in southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania and headquartered in Camden NJ. Importantly, the organization was also recognized in a joint session of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania as that body passed a bi-partisan resolution that makes September “Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.”

For BDG, the Touched by Teal logo provided a unique challenge that blended visual and literary strategic thought. “We knew we had to elevate the Barbara T. Foundation among respected and current Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer and Leukemia non-profits, most of which are sophisticated in their approach to branding,” said John Burns, Principal, BDG. “We saw a real opportunity by playing directly off the Foundation’s nomenclature, foregrounding the T as a touchstone for the cause and a differentiator for the brand.” The Touched by Teal logo features the organizational name set off by a hand-drawn, teal T and is marked by two descending “ovaries” that make it instantly recognizable and memorable. It was backed by a brand strategy that imbued the Barbara T. Foundation with the literary and visual brand narratives that have kindled its early success. “These types of collaborations are satisfying. meaningful and heartfelt,” said Burns. “We believe in what the Foundation is doing and look forward to supporting it in the years to come.”

The logo has been recognized with a 2023 GDUSA Graphic Design Award in the publication’s ‘best of year’ industry-wide competition.