Siegel+Gale Marks The Spot For Location Tech Firm

GroundTruth, which specializes in location technology, has rebranded including a new name and visual identity developed by Siegel+Gale. The client’s proprietary Blueprints technology offers customers precise targeting to gauge business health, shape product design and drive sales. To signify the precision and scale of their data, the brand positioning leads with how to create, sell and innovate by building your business off something real – location.


Visual identity elements, notes Austyn Stevens, creative director, Siegel+Gale,  include: a logo that resembles a location marker and aspires to create a category; a bright, neon color palette intended to reflect personality, tone and energy; integrated real-world imagery that ties into the role of people and place; a sanserif typeface that adds a traditional tone to the aesthetic; and an emoticon toolkit brings a simple character set to life in everyday communications.



“There are countless ways businesses can utilize location data,” said Nancy Hansell, strategy director, Siegel+Gale. “GroundTruth’s new brand expresses their unique ability to reach people in the moments that matter. That’s significant because location reveals your behavior, your priorities and what’s truly important in your life. The rebranding effort reinforces how harnessing the power of location reveals customer behaviors, business health and intentions like never before.”