Zero Launches Cannabis Company

Zero has partnered with two of the cannabis industry’s founders, Dosist’s Matt Seashols and Sunday Goods’ Randy Smith, to launch cannabis company Studio. After years of serving cannabis companies, Studio marks Zero’s transition to becoming equity partners in a cannabis venture – offering a family of creative cannabis brands that prioritize education, accessibility and reliability.

By carefully researching typical use cases, experiences and needs driving cannabis consumers, Zero developed “brand personas” as the creative and philosophical anchors of the brands and used those personas in creating the products as well as designs and messaging. 

The Studio identity is defined by rich navy and sage tones and bronze and gold metallic foil accents paired with a modern, pin-striped logo, evoking a classic Motown feel and acting as a distinct but not overwhelming canvas for the other Studio brands. As a “Cannabis Collective,” the company’s goal is to rapidly produce targeted brands to meet the market where it’s at, instead of serving the same derivative tropes that generally offer little-to-no emotional appeal. 

“Emotionally speaking, successful cannabis brands not only need to create brands that folks co- sign and actively align with their lifestyles but consider and meet them where they are at in terms of experience,”explains Goldwell. “There’s a lot of people who have tried cannabis and had a really bad experience. Empowering them through education in a non-encyclopedic or condescending way about dosage, form factor, onset, and desired effects is wildly important.”

Melted’s tone is bold, monochromatic, and expressive with a singular use of black and white for all branded materials and a range of surreal visuals, including warped, striped and checkered patterns. 

Melted will launch with two core product lines; Melted — a standard premium line and Tiger Style— a highly potent premium brand. While the Melted line meets the market with best-in-class products at an affordable price, Tiger Style brand hits new heights of potency through product innovation. It features a dipped pre-roll that’s infused with Rosin and rolled in “sauce and diamonds”. Tiger Style will also feature custom hardware options for vaping that are highly tuned to optimal smoking experiences.

“For so long, cannabis has been trivialized in the media and by the government despite the fact that the healing properties of the plant are so vast and so powerful,” says Mark Goldwell. “From self-exploration to pain and anxiety reduction, there are just so many possibilities. That’s why Studio is the next logical project for us as an agency. Our hope is by working with Matt and Randy to build brands that give people the best products for their lifestyles, we can play a role in making everyone’s lives better through the power of cannabis.”