Learn Why Color Is Relative in Free Webinar

Monotype, a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for creative and design professionals, will host a new webinar on July 1. The title is Color Is Relative and it follows up on a very popular company-sponsored webinar early in June addressing Pro Tips for Picking Web Fonts.

Color is critical to design and production decisions, and as the best creatives understand, there is nothing less at stake than the success of products, services, ideas and causes. Web design adds its own creative and production challenges.

In describing the color-themed webinar  Monotype states: “In design, we rely on color to accentuate key tasks, indicate links, differentiate data and sometimes just bring the pretty. So what happens when the colors we pick aren’t the colors the reader sees. In this free webinar, designer and illustrator Geri Coady will explain how we use color to impart essential information, and how chromatic choices create more confusion than clarity.

coadyCoady is a self-described “color-obsessed freelance designer and illustrator (and occasional photographer).” She has written A Pocket Guide to Color Accessibility, counsels a range of high-profile clients on design, type and color, and has presented at many well-respected conferences, including FOWD, Reasons To Be Creative, and Beyond Tellerand.


She will cover, among other things: (1) The different ways people perceive color (2) How those perceptions can affect a site’s UX and usability and (3) Practical advice on how to create beautiful designs that are also accessible.

You can book the free Color Is Relative webinar now.