W+K Steers Ford Workwear Launch

Merch, Lookbook, Social Media and More

Ford and Sydney Sweeney, in collaboration with Dickies, have introduced a new workwear line. This follows an initial launch of Ford x Sydney Sweeney earlier this year; the workwear collection was in high demand, with popular items selling out in under 36 hours, prompting a restock. Wieden+Kennedy New York was responsible for coming up with the idea for the work as well as creating the campaign in its entirety — everything from designing the merch, to the lookbook, to the social assets and everything in between.




The collection is Inspired by Sweeney’s experiences growing up in a family of mechanics and her 1965 Mustang, affectionately named “Britney,” after the original color, “Brittany Blue.”  The new workwear line, which blends style with functionality, includes: denim coveralls, a racing jacket, a corduroy hat, a t-shirt and a keychain, all manufactured by Dickies.



Says Erica Martin, Ford Marketing Communications Manager: “For nearly 60 years, Mustang has represented freedom and self-expression. Collaborating with Sydney and her love for her 1965 Mustang celebrates what that can look like. For Sydney, it meant embracing a new hobby to restore the vehicle of her dreams, and designing a clothing line that makes women feel comfortable and empowered to do the same.”



To showcase the collection, Ford enlists the help of female auto-restoration enthusiasts Adri Law, Gelica Peralta, Sandy Rancatore, Isabelle Rosa, and Lauren Fox. They will appear in an online lookbook modeling the apparel, which will be available for purchase at merchandise.ford.com. The lookbook provides step-by-step instructions for basic vehicle maintenance, changing a car battery and checking tire pressure, brake fluid, and oil. As part of the workwear launch, Ford is offering an exclusive first glimpse of Sweeney’s baby blue vintage Mustang. Sweeney will also share her restoration plans and demonstrate a tune-up from the garage. The Ford x Sydney Sweeney workwear line is now available for purchase on merchadise.ford.com.



Wieden+Kennedy credits include: Global executive creative directors Stuart Jennings & Eric Helin, Copywriter Jen Hubbard, Art Director Laura Bailey, Designer Malithi Gunawardena, Studio Manager Jill Kearton, and Senior Studio Artist Mike Nesi.