Colombia-based Coffee Keeps It In the Family

Cafe De La Corte is a family owned, single origin coffee farm in Colombia. With the help of The Collected Works, an NYC-based design studio, they now have a new identity with a new mark based on their family crest.





Cafe De La Corte had a limited budget, so The Collected Works developed an identity and packaging system that was affordable to produce on everything from their bags to their cards. By using a standard black tin, different coffee blends and roasts could be identified with a strip of adhesive tape – which reduced the costs of producing different packages.

TheCollectedWorks_CafeDeLaCorte_6 TheCollectedWorks_CafeDeLaCorte_7


The bag colors and typography shift in color to identify their respective roast. Overall, it was a system that was also accommodating to future blends and products, and could expand as the family company grows.