Grady Britton Breaks Produce Packaging Rules

Forward Greens, a sustainable indoor farm, has partnered with creative agency Grady Britton, for a new logo, color palette, typography and packaging.  Forward Greens approaches farming with joy and to illustrate that, the logo is designed with rounded typography and subtle imperfections, a crest that nods at tradition, and a leaf that looks a little like an exclamation point. The brand is vibrant outside of the black, white and green logo, with a secondary palette of 10 accent colors.



The package design was selected for sustainability, simplicity, and because the tetrahedron is a completely different look for the produce aisle. Working with the shape was a challenge – with no clear front, back, top, bottom or even side. Creative exploration included hand drawing shapes to test how they could wrap the bag until text and imagery aligned in a way that made visual sense.