Seven Three Distillery Reps New Orleans

New Orleans-based Seven Three Distilling has partnered with Baton Rouge design and branding firm TILT to bring their brand to life, including company naming, logo and visual language, environmental design, trade collateral and website. “From the beginning, we prioritized our packaging,” says Seven Three co-founder Sal Bivalacqua.


“It’s really our identity. The packaging is classic, but with a modern touch. To us, it represents both the old and the new, the progress of our city.” The distillery was named for the 73 officially recognized New Orleans neighborhoods.



Each spirit carries a neighborhood name, and each back label delivers a mini-history lesson that connect consumers directly to Seven Three’s home town. TILT also incorporated a hot foil stamp on matte paper with a high tactile varnish overlay in select areas to deliver a higher quality experience for both sight and touch.