SuperHero Packaging Powers Krispy Kreme BOGO Offer

Special packaging supported by mobile-online advertising helped promote Krispy Kreme’s special offer on SuperHero Day (April 28) of a second one-dozen box of Original Glazed® doughnuts, free with first dozen purchased. National Superhero Day was originated in 1995 by employees of Marvel; Krispy Kreme first participated last year. Creative credits for the one-day doughnut promotion goes to advertising agency Baldwin&  of Raleigh NC.


The comic-inspired carton (the illustrator, Marc Laming, has worked for Marvel, DC, Fleetway, Dark Horse, Dynamite and other publishers) is a four-way first-ever for Krispy Kreme: It’s their first promotion to step outside the company’s standard corporate design identity. It’s printed sideways, to open from left (comic-book style), instead of from the top. The offer copy is playful and topical rather than legalese. And it’s the first, with its caped and masked Ks on bottom, to alter Krispy Kreme’s initials logo.


The offer was supported by Flash banner advertising, in a contextual buy targeting consumers with superhero movie interests and within 10 miles of a Krispy Kreme, via networks TURN and Verve Mobile. At Baldwin&, credits go to creative directors David Baldwin and Bob Ranew, associate creative director Jen Matthews, art director Paul Tuorto, and copywriter Keith Greenstein.