Tigre Caffeinates Super Coffee Branding

When the DeCicco brothers appeared before ABC’s Shark Tank, they were seeking money in exchange for a stake in their enhanced RTD Super Coffee, a shelf-stable energy beverage that combines caffeine, protein and MCT oils. While they didn’t make the deal, they did see a bump in sales and interest. To gear up for a national launch, the brothers asked Tigre Creative to help grow the brand and communicate the vision.


The brand and design firm developed a strategy based on the passion of the brothers and their beliefs: “Change Your Energy, Change Your World.” Creative Principle Tammy Vaserstein explains: “We needed to clearly communicate the proposition, point of difference and benefits in a consumer friendly digestible format. We did this through the use of color and a strong communication hierarchy that stands out on shelf and in someone’s hand.” The original wave lines evolved into a bold stripe, reminiscent of an athlete’s jersey, providing a sense of identity and performance. When viewed standing together on a shelf, they create an upward motion, further communicating positive energy.