Beau Oyler


Beau Oyler is a design entrepreneur and founder of Enlisted Design where he works at the intersection of business, data, and design to create product experiences for some of the world’s most sought-after brands. His work can be found today at MoMA, Apple Store, Whole Foods, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. For Beau and Enlisted, great design is a collaborative process that encompasses branding, packaging design, industrial design, and UX. It’s a cohesive whole, and when it all comes together in the right way, brands can create that special connection that goes beyond affinity, advocacy and loyalty to become part of a person’s identity. Recently, Enlisted joined to create an industry-first approach that uses the soul of design and the science of data analytics to create the right brand, at the right time, for the right consumer. When he’s not at the studio, you’ll probably find Beau cycling, surfing, snowboarding, hiking and exploring the world with his adventurous wife and kids.

Has the pandemic changed your workplace and your workflow? Do you expect to return to pre-pandemic ways of working or will any changes become the ‘new normal’?

Like most studios, Enlisted transitioned to working fully remote during the pandemic. But we do our best work during in-person collaborative workshops with our partners, so our new normal will be a hybrid model with in-studio and remote work.

What do you expect 2021 to hold for graphic designers and the design business? Have the challenges of 2020 changed the way you think about your job and career or the role of design?

I’m always optimistic, but especially about 2021 because there’s never been a better time to be a graphic designer. People value great design now more than ever and that affords designers opportunities to influence our evolving world!