Bianca Borghi


Bianca Borghi is a Design Lead at Brunet-Garcia Advertising, a multicultural agency that focuses on areas of social impact. While the portfolio of work she has created for Brunet-Garcia’s clients features traditional tenets of advertising and graphic design, Bianca’s instincts are those of a fine artist. Her application of photography, typography, grid systems, and vector graphics is elevated and helps turn campaign collateral into truly special brand elements. She has applied her signature touch to clients as diverse as the Phase Eight Theatre Company, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, and other local and national non-profits.


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business and society?

People are consuming more media in a day than they used to, making the need to communicate ideas through quick visual storytelling more prevalent. Our challenge as designers is to come up with innovative ways to break through the noise. Bold graphics and data visualizations help businesses connect with their audience in a more effective way, making graphic design a vital part of communication strategies.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

The pandemic hit everyone in very different ways and brought to light some heavy societal issues. As the shift in social awareness becomes louder, so does the need for community and collaboration. For me personally, I’ve felt challenged to be intentional about the conversations I have with the people around me and acknowledge the gaps in my understanding of social inequities. As a visual communicator, it’s important for me to understand the impact of my work and translate that into effective creative storytelling.