Kim Berlin


Kim Berlin is the rare amalgamation of creative, strategist and sage. Coined the “CEO’s creative consigliere,” she holds the unique ability to intuit the needs of her clients and empower the organizations they serve. Her passions lie in recognizing order within chaos, identifying authentic opportunities for change, and growing a singular seed of an idea into a compelling holistic vision.

Kim’s approach to design, aptly coined “Creative Direction for Human Connection,” reflects an interconnected practice that delivers a human-to-human experience, blasting through the limiting boundaries of B2B or B2C. Her labors of love can be spied on everything from airplanes to cruise terminals, to toilets and underwear — and practically every where in between.

When she’s not conjuring visual magic, Kim can be found devoting her empathic gifts toward guiding individuals to embrace their unique paths in life. An avid yogi and energy therapist, she endeavors to meet each moment with gratitude, curiosity and genuine connection.

Kim’s mission is to stand in service to the brave individuals and companies who truly seek to understand and express themselves with integrity, authenticity and a difference only they can bring to the world.


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business and society?

Looking forward, I’m extremely optimistic about the role of graphic design, perhaps now more than ever. There’s no doubt we’re at a societal crossroads — many of our tried and true systems and structures are eroding before our very eyes. For everyone, and creatives especially — there’s an inherent opportunity to help shift culture in a better, more sustainable direction. As the bridge-builders, translators and mark-makers of humanity, we’re endowed with tremendous responsibility. When we choose with intention where and how we invest our energies, our work becomes more than just work — it becomes our vote.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

The challenges of the past two years provided a welcome validation. They confirmed the very deliberate choices I made when I left the agency environment to start my own purpose-driven consultancy five years ago. I now have the ability to nurture and grow relationships — and myself — in a way I wasn’t fully able to before.