Matt Dimmer


Matt is a creative visionary who’s most proud accomplishments to date are his twin boys. Which goes along with his favorite job, being a dad. When he’s not spending time with them and his wife, he’s crafting brand stories, and enjoying coffee. Clipping in for a Peloton ride. And probably snacking. He can be caught doing impersonations to himself, as well as admiring architecture IRL or online.

Troup is a branding, design and advertising agency based in Los Angeles and Chicago. We are built on relationships because we believe that trust is the best way to create provocative work. We’ve worked with The North Face, Simple Mills, SelvaRey rum, NoMad hotels, National Runaway Safeline, This Saves Lives, and Vitani Spirits.


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business and society?

I am very optimistic about the role graphic design has and will continue to play in society and culture. As the tools of making and knowledge of design become more available to a wider range of individuals, the impact of it will be greater. Solving problems, the aiding in communication, and the allowing of more self-expression will continue to flourish which will have a massively positive impact on the world.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

We started Troup knowing that we’d be remote, far before the pandemic ever happened. This has aided in our growth trajectory as well as the confidence of our clients. And as the rest of the world has been forced to follow suit, we’ve been lucky enough to get a dress rehearsal on the future dynamics of remote work. As far as values and work life balance go, David and I are both dads, and family always comes first with us. And while that’s difficult at times, I think it speaks to the kind of organization we’re building and the importance of all relationships.