Samantha Tableriou


Samantha Tableriou is an award-winning graphic designer based in central Illinois. Samantha is versed in environmental graphic design, signage planning, creative direction, project management, and branding. Having begun her career in the museum design field with Taylor Studios, Inc., she now operates independently as Samantha Tableriou Design, creating graphics for exhibitions and experiences all over the world. In addition to creating immersive environments, Samantha teaches graphic design and typography at Eastern Illinois University within the Art + Design Department, where she equips future generations of designers with the essential skills they need to succeed in the respective field.

In a world of digital abundance, Sam is passionate about working with multidisciplinary teams to create tactile, environmental, in-person experiences in which families, friends, individuals, and colleagues can learn, be moved, connect, and immerse in astonishing, unforgettable stories.

Her work can be seen across the country in museums, nature and visitor centers, public institutions, attractions, and more. Notable recent projects include Crayola IDEAworks: the Creativity Exhibition, Victoria the T.Rex, and National Geographic’s Beyond King Tut: the Immersive Experience.


Looking forward to 2023, are you optimistic about the role and impact of Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Business? Culture? Causes? Have the events and disruptions of the past few years changed the role or trajectory of Graphic Design?

Yes! I am optimistic about environmental and experiential graphic design in 2023. For many of us, the past two and a half years saw everything from employment to education confined to virtual environments (que zoom backgrounds, digital voice changers, e-happy hours, malfunctioning mute buttons, and untimely cat lawyers). Now, the world is back on. People are out. And physical environments, exhibitions, and immersive experiences that encourage communities to gather and discover collectively are poised to take off like never before. I foresee the seamless integration of digital and print media spawning ever more in-depth and personalized experiences that extend beyond the physical parameters that these attractions present.

Most influential graphic design firm(s), ad agency(s), or inhouse department(s) of the past 60 years? Of today?

To answer this question subjectively within the context of the exhibition design realm: the most influential design firm of today is a tie, in my opinion, between Ralph Applebaum Associates (RAA) and Gallagher & Associates (G&A). Both are pioneers in establishing and raising the bar for evocative, effective, and memorable educational and inspirational experiences worldwide. Hats off to both firms.