Select Comments: Is Print Important in Your Professional Life?

Print always matters. It’s been sad to see some of the shift away from tactile printed materials post pandemic. Especially in the world of hospitality… menus being the most important.

To me, print is important and I wish it wasn’t waning. But things change so fast that the shelf life of a print piece is often no longer worth the cost to a client.

Print still matters. I see its use reserved for special situations, when a project needs to make an extra splash or requires a personal touch.

Paper (touch) is absent from digital communication. Adding back or including print/paper is more rare and therefore even more impactful than ever.

I specialize in publications, primarily books for self-publishing authors. Though they make their biggest profit selling ebooks, they all want/need print for author signings — a main marketing tool. Readers still like the tactile experience of holding a book and turning pages. However, the cost of printing continues to rise, making it less affordable for publishers of all kinds. This prohibitive cost is what may eventually be the death knell for print books. The price of paper and the cost of fulfillment contribute to this. It’s certainly NOT the cost of design and production, as designers are competing with Fivver and the like.

I feel like print is still very relevant. In my personal life, it is very much. However, for my job, I’m not called on as often as I once was to produce print materials. That probably differs from job/ industry to job/industry.

Print is critical both in my professional life and my personal life. Working in the B-to-B publishing space, doctors (our readers) still prefer print publications. And after spending 10 hours on a computer each day, I still prefer to read print materials in my down time.

Printed materials still command credibility. The challenge is that so many public-facing materials are printed digitally, with little attention to the touch and feel of the paper being used.

My job is an artist, designer and I oversee the agency’s Print Shop. We are a state agency — we design and print a large amount of different things during the year.

Print absolutely still matters. Unfortunately, very few companies or people understand where print’s value is best utilized.

I love print. Always have. Print feels good; it’s memorable, unlike so much digital I don’t even open. Print should be celebrated for the valuable contribution it makes to communication and design.

To me, print still matters. I am working predominantly with packaging and trade show poster wall designs. Also print matters for a non-profit I work with, i.e., for EMS uniforms, banners and outreach material for recruiting (including brochures to kids coloring books). Personally, I buy less print; one reason is that there is so much information out there, often not worth the paper it is printed on. That said, I believe there is always a market for good quality. I just bought a heavy format nicely printed craft book. I also subscribe to a handful of magazine. Real paper is just a different experience and more stimulating to the senses. Personally, I’ll always love paper and use it in personal projects or in bookbinding. Choosing the right paper for a project is still an important part of the project’s life cycle. But printing costs for clients are becoming more of a factor, even for the one or two print pieces that are a go. Print projects either wind up being scrapped for digital or downgraded to quick printing services.

Yes, it brings in more of the senses and stays with a person longer than digital. However the combination of both digital AND print brings a whole new level of awareness and interaction.

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