Why Coworking Spaces Might Be Essential After The COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that the pandemic has forced the majority of workers to operate online, it has proven that it is indeed possible to work remotely without a loss in productivity. In fact, this challenges the very tradition of even running an office. While there still doesn’t seem to be an end to the pandemic, we have to consider that we will eventually recover from the pandemic. And much like how we had to adjust to the new normal, we, too, will have to eventually adjust to when we revert to the pre-pandemic normal.

This means that most workers will also have to go back to the office. I mean, offices cost a lot of money to set up and operate, and to simply abandon them because we are choosing to work online is a waste of a significant investment.

But the truth is that only the biggest companies have the budget to keep their headquarters operational. This, coupled with the common knowledge that the pandemic has put a significant financial strain on businesses from all industries means that smaller businesses will not be able to finance a resumption of office operations and they may even have to abandon the idea of having a physical location altogether.

How Expensive Is It To Maintain An Office Space?

According to this article, an office space in New York costs about $14,800 annually to operate. As you might have guessed, this figure varies widely depending on the location of the office, but regardless, renting or leasing an office is a large expense. Businesses that have been economically strained by the Coronavirus are going to have a much more difficult time resuming that kind of expense.

Remember that it takes time for a business to start earning again, and that’s based on normal circumstances where the economy is flourishing. As business owner resources are drained from ongoing partial openings, it will be more difficult to put in the resources needed to regain a loyal customer base.

This Is Where Coworking Spaces Come In

The rationale behind coworking spaces lies in how they are able to provide workers and businesses alike with an environment that is conducive for productivity, without the costs that come with maintaining a full-fledged office space. A shared office space helps fill the void between a home-based setup and a dedicated office space in that it gives its patrons a place where they can meet face-to-face so they are able to discuss and accomplish objectives and tasks uninterrupted, without incurring operating expenses the way one would with an office.

It’s clear that these are difficult times. But this, too, will pass. Our objective should not be limited merely to surviving the pandemic; it should also extend to how we’re going to recover from the after effects of the pandemic.

Image Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/02/19/11/19/office-1209640_960_720.jpg