Joey Siep


I’m Joey Siep, a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Art Photography. Throughout high school, photography was my main passion but once I entered college I expanded my focus to several mediums including ceramics, painting, and of course graphic design. I believe they all hold an equal importance and it’s hard to restrict myself to only one field. I want to pursue all of these to some degree in my career. In my free time I love to make music, play golf, and hang out with my two dogs, Rigby and Rosie.

What makes you feel inspired?

Herbie Hancock told a story about playing the wrong chord during Miles Davis’ solo, but Miles paused for a second and played some notes that made the wrong chord right. I think about this all the time, especially when I’m painting.

What area or areas of design are you hoping to work in or specialize in?

I’m not positive about what I want to do but I’m interested in working in identity or editorial design, possibly in the fashion or music industry, and ideally I could incorporate photography, ceramics, and painting into my career.

What is one thing that design school has taught you that you did not expect?

I learned that I work best when I don’t overthink things and trust myself, which is the opposite of how I’ve been my entire life.

Who is someone you look up to in your field? Either today or historically?

Tom Berding, my drawing and painting professor at Michigan State University, has had the biggest impact on how I think about and create art regardless of medium; he helped me enjoy making work more than I ever have before.

What are you reading, listening to, watching?

If I can ever create something in my own field as amazing as Dijon’s album, Absolutely, I have succeeded. Also, Sam Gellaitry’s VF VOL II was my favorite album last year.