Addis Barge


In the pursuit of a BFA, Addis Barge’s creative journey, profound joy is found in weaving connections between people and cultures, narrating tales that transcend time and space. Addis’s passion lies in curating and facilitating culturally significant stories, breathing life into forgotten or misrepresented narratives through immersive, physical, and re-imagined spaces. The central question driving Addis’s work is: How can design repurpose stories, allowing them to reclaim their rightful place in the collective consciousness?

Approaching design and art direction as a harmonious symphony of creative thinking, collaboration, intimacy, and curiosity, Addis delves into the depths of identity, social structures, and the vast array of perspectives. Each exploration becomes a catalyst for dialogue, sparking the ignition of new ideas that ripple through the open forum of design—a circle of exchange that perpetually evolves.

Within this dynamic dialogue, Addis is thrilled to contribute their perspective. The passion extends to realms such as art direction, research, visual identity design, art curation, trans-media, print/publication design, and the creation of design solutions with a profound cultural impact. Each endeavor is not just a stroke on the canvas but an invitation to partake in the ever-evolving narrative of design, where creativity and humanity dance in perpetual harmony.


People, history, ancestral technologies, and current events inspire me. I frequently draw inspiration from both the past and contemporary art. The lens through which I observe the world is also a significant source of inspiration.